Humanitarian Alumni To Receive Special Medallion


As part of the 2011 Central Florida Humanitarian Awards on Thursday, Nov. 10, the class of 2010 will be presented a specially commissioned medallion.

Haiti: Still Much To Do One Year Later

TEAMWORK: Back row left to right, Dr. Anthony Ware, Dr. Michael McLaughlin and Paul Van Hemel, RN. Front row, left to right, Dr. Lyle Ashberg, Dr. Michelle Henderson, Dr. Chris Vonderheide, Glenn Womble, RNFA, Elizabeth Van Hemel, PA-C and Alex Von Lignau. BELOW: Dr. Rodney Moore traveled to Port-au-Prince and worked triage among the walk-in patients. “The people were so appreciative of anything we did for them,” he said.

“The quake that shook the Haitians lives to the ground also shook our souls to the core,” said Dr. Chris Vonderheide. “Both will be forever changed.”

Angels For Haiti

Dr. Rodney Moore was among the leaders of a large contingent of Brevard County, Florida medical professionals who responded to the Haitian earthquake's tragic aftermath.

The news traveled quickly on that Tuesday afternoon. Minutes before 5 p.m. on Jan. 12, a 7.0 earthquake had struck Haiti. Here are some of the stories of Brevard and Indian River County, Florida residents who turned their compassion into action to serve the people of Haiti.

Kite Boarding Docs

Jim Neel are among a bunch of physician kite boarders who lust for the wind and waves of Melbourne Beach.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Whenever the winds surge and the waves rush, the coconut telegraph lines buzz with activity. It’s kiteboarding weather.“For whatever reason, doctors seem to gravitate towards the sport,” said Dr. Bjorn Dimberg.

Adventure According to Vonderheide


PATIENTS OF DR. CHRIS VONDERHEIDE would be surprised to see their physician—the director of anesthesiology at Cape Canaveral Hospital—commuting to work via kayak or bike. His friends, however, don’t find it unusual, for they know Chris gravitates to activities that invigorate both the heart and soul.

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