Cancer Care Centers Foundation Aids Cancer Patients In Time of Need

FOUNDATION PROFILE: Cancer Care Centers Foundation

cccf-33-wCANCER CARE CENTERS FOUNDATION LEADERS INCLUDE: Debbie Keller, David Wilfong, Evelyn Foster, Bill Orndorf, Marta Fiol, Vicky Floyd, Dawn Herring, Heidi Joyce, Christine Lighthill, Karen Osiniak, Karen Kirkland, Karen Petry, Leigh Pettigrew, Rita Soni, Gary Wynberg, Mick Welch, Mary Baldwin, Marcia Luhn, Darcia Jones-Francey, Jeanne Andre’, Patrick Anderson, Silas J. Charles, M.D., John Dhyanchard, Britta Newcomer, R.N., Carolyn J. Shott, Mickey Brimer, John Luhn and John Donohue, M.D.

Dr. Silas Charles

Dr. Silas Charles

FOUNDED 1993 by Dr. Silas Charles, the Cancer Care Centers Foundation (CCCF) was established to assist the many people in the Brevard and Indian River County, Florida community who have been touched by cancer. As a non-profit organization that strives to provide comprehensive patient/family support services, community outreach and education, CCCF was recognized as the “Organization of the Year for 2004″ by Florida Today for their efforts in assisting cancer patients and the community in coping with cancer.

CCCF’s hope is, not only to assist the under insured or uninsured cancer patient, alleviating them of their financial burdens in order to allow them to focus on healing, but to provide education, so that cancer may be caught early or avoided all together. Through their financial counseling, support groups, educational programs and participation in medical research projects, the CCC Foundation’s sole focus is to help cancer patients and their families. A diagnosis of cancer changes lives forever and in many ways—for the patient as well as the caregiver.

Cancer Care Centers Foundation Goals
A diagnosis of cancer can change your life forever. It affects the entire body—mentally, physically and spiritually. At the Cancer Care Centers Foundation (CCCF), their goal  is to address all aspects of your care in order to heal all of you. But cancer does not only affect just you, it affects your family, your caregivers and all those around you. CCCF’s goal is to help each patient and those impacted by their diagnosis.

  • Financial stress is a big obstacle at a time when one’s energy should be focused on healing and coping. The Foundation seeks to ease this burden by assisting the uninsured and under insured patient with transportation, rent/utility and medication. In addition to financial assistance, CCCF offers cancer survivors and caregivers several cancer support groups which the Foundation sponsors.
  • Cancer Education: Another goal the CCCF strives to achieve is that of educating the public and private sectors about cancer. CCCF provides and participates in educational programs for both the general public and all manner of civic organizations and private groups—with the purpose of increasing awareness about cancer prevention, detection, cancer treatment, and other related aspects of health care trends and consumer opportunities.
  • Assistance Efforts: Fostering and assisting in the coordination of cancer patients and family care provided by other non-profit and government agencies in order to encourage the optimal delivery of efficient, affordable care to all persons, regardless of their ability to pay, is another way in which the CCCF helps. Our professionals will help you coordinate various insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and supplementary financial assistance so that your main priority can be to focus on getting well and staying healthy! This includes informing you of available transportation assistance and programs that will make your recovery process easier.
  • Medical Research: Through medical research projects and programs, the CCCF encourages the advancement of care and treatment procedures for cancer patients and their families. After all, looking after our patients and their families is our number one priority and the sole purpose for our existence.

cccf-logo-wFor patient success stories, CLICK HERE.

All Volunteers Staff
The Cancer Care Centers Foundation (CCCF) is composed of all volunteers, with no paid staff. Although the CCCF receives some funding from fund raising events, the bulk of their resources comes from caring people who have experienced cancer either personally or through a loved one. Or you may be someone who simply feels that it is a worthy cause and understands that through your contribution, our community as a whole benefits.  If a poll were taken of the entire adult population of the United States, it would be difficult to find someone who did not know someone who had been touched by cancer.

In order for CCCF to continue offering patients, families and caregivers assistance in areas of finance, transportation, and support groups, we need your help. For community education programs and medical research projects to advance so that we may offer improved treatments and better technology, it is necessary to rely on your donations.

Making a Donation

All gifts to the Cancer Care Centers Foundation are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation to the Cancer Care Centers Foundation, please call 321-952-0898, or you can donate on-line, Please CLICK HERE.

Cancer Care Center, based in Melbourne, Florida, is located 10 minutes from the Melbourne International Airport and is 45 minutes from the Orlando International Airport. For more information, call the CyberKnife® info line at 321-951-9991; or E-mail:

DR. CHARLES, and his sister Rhoda S. Eda, M.D., medical director of the Christian Cancer Centre, with hospital nurses and staff.

DR. CHARLES, and his sister Rhoda S. Eda, M.D.


Cancer Care Centers Foundation founder, Dr. Silas Charles, frequently goes on medical missions as his family continues to foster the Christian Cancer Centre, Hope Village and Leprosy Mission – which they founded in India.